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anybody ever go to chat room?

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I went in there once last October or something, but that's about it. I still think we should organize a general meeting time (like maybe 8pm-ish) so people know when to stop in and check what's going on.

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best 1/4 mile: 15.10 @ 89.25mph

UPDATE: car blew the turbo on 8/17/01, so it'll be off the road until next summer when i can fix it.
Estoril blue 1987 TC 5spd, 148k mi, a237, Bailey BOV, spec stg3 clutch, spearco FMIC, 50 trim t3/t4, 3" exhaust, Bamafuel, LM1, 55pph
Best 1/4 mile: 12.31 @ 110mph on 25psi

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No shit Whats the sense of having one and nobody use it! I have been there 4 times and is it ever a lonely place.
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How about we just set up a chat room using Mirc on dalnet or efnet can you say #turbotbird or #natochat [Image: smile.gif]

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