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CEL and intermittent lean....SOLVED....
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So my 88 TC has this strange intermittent lean condition when driving. I can feel it when it happens, engine will have little power and the wideband pegs at 18, it stays like this for random amounts of time, will clear up and go back to normal, then randomly go lean again. This morning I drove to work with zero issues all the way on my 25 minute drive, but yesterday coming home, it was random all the way home. I drive it super lightly when it happens. I have a CEL so went to pull the codes yesterday afternoon with a scanner I have, what a pain the old OBD's are! The KOEO gave me a code of 11, so that's good, went to do the KOER, revved up, then down, scanner beeped, so I tapped the brake pedal to start that part and man, scanner started beeping. I tried to write down what the scanner was beeping, but it didn't seem to repeat itself, so now I just have a bunch of numbers written on my paper. Will try again this weekend, but anyone have ideas as to what the random lean issue could be? Thanks

I looked at all of my numbers that I wrote down from my scanner, since I wasn't sure where it started at, I went from the last and organized them backwards. Got a 34, 22, 21, and a 77. I went with the 22 as maybe the car wasn't warmed up enough to work the ECT, as code 22 is for a BAP input, I went to the junkyard to get some out of late 90's Ford's. Ended up with 3, Perfect timing as when I went to leave, the car went right into a lean idle just like before. I've been driving for two days with no issues too. Popped the hood, swapped the BAP with one of the ones just pulled from the yard and BINGO. Perfect idle and my CEL went out as well. Problem solved. Thought I would pass along the fix.
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