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Catalytic converter
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Wondering if anyone would no why my catalytic converter would be smokingvlike crazy after shut off and sometimes while sitting at a light? In thinking it's bad and was thinking of deleting it and not running one at all. I need to have the exhaust fixed from ripping one muffler off on a speed bump

Pete D Offline
Could be a problem with the converter. Are you sure it's not an oil leak is not getting on it?
Pete Dunham


Jeff K Offline
If the converter is producing smoke off of its outside surface, something like oil is getting on it and burning as Pete suggested. Cats run very hot..... around 1500 deg F, and anything that gets on the cat exterior will burn off.
Jeff Korn

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Yes plastic grocery (shopping) bags are notorious for this. I try and avoid these whenever possible on the freeway/highway, as I see them floating around.
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I think oil is getting on the cat. I just pick up a pretty nice 88 automatic TC and it does the same thing. I'm thinking that the tail shaft seal is leaking on bothe transmissions. I haven't really gone under to really investigate but I need to. That cat is directly under the trans tail shaft from what I can see just looking under the car. That's why I'm guessing it's the tail shaft.

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