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caster camber plates going twice
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can some one pleas tell me if these thing will help if i drop the car 1.5in-2in and does anyone have them on there car what are the pros and cons of having them thanks for any input guys girls
(nato member) comletely rebuilt suspension with additon of caster camber plates lowered with mustang springs painted candy royal blue next up is increase of horse power by any means possable, (second place is just the first loser)

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My car is lowered about 1 1/4"- 1 1/2" and it just barely falls into camber spec without plates. In fact it's right AT the negative camber limit for my alignment shop's specs. I have personally never seen caster/camber plates on a TC, but if you are only lowering it 1 1/2" or so you might check it out first and see if you really need the plates. If so, I don't see why other Fox body caster/camber plates wouldn't work. Anyone actually done this?

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Usually an aftermarket CC plate will give you a bit more camber adjustment for a lowered car. The other benefit is the addition of positive caster, which helps out a bit on the handling on the front of these cars. You can't get massive amounts from a std plate, because you wind up limited to the hole in the tower. BUt a couple degrees is a couple degrees. I made a set and modified the towers on one of my cars to get an extra 3 deg or so over what a std CC plate offers. Anyway, the next question is that the TBird plates are different from a Mustang. You can make a Mustang set work if you turn one around and elongate the front hole rearwards so it will bolt up. There are a couple manfs for TBird specific plates. I think Maximum, HPM and KB have a set. I think Pete bought the last set KB had assembled, but I know for a fact they have the bits to make several more...if they can figure out which pieces are which..(snicker)...
Anyhoo, a set of CC plates aren't a neccessity, BUT they do make a difference.


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You won't *need* em but I'd say get some. Forget moding stang ones...maximum motorsports makes a set for a TC specific and my set works flawlessly. Allows so much adjustment its almost ridiculous.

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