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Carlisle Winners
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These winners for the Turbo Coupe Classes at Carlisle. The Classes are "83-87 Stock and Modified" and then "88 Stock" class and an "88 Modified" class

I don't know why they combined the 83-87 classes?

First: Gary Schweikert
Second: Robert Stevens
Third: Andrew Nestler ?? (hope that is correct)

88 Stock
First: Robert Snipes
Second: Dale Kasson
Third: Barry Rodkey

88 Modified:
First: Dan Sheehan
Second: John Romanello
Third: August Corso

This years winner of the Golden Turbo Award was Dan and Diana Sheehan.

The person(s) traveling the farthest this year were John Moller from Arizona. John also participated well in the burnout contest.

Hopefully we will have some pictures up soon.
Pete Dunham


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Congratulations to all the winners - especially Dan and Diana Sheehan. It sounds like a great time. Sorry I missed it this year.

Maybe next year.

Would love to see pictures.
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Congratulations to all the winners. Standing ovation for Dan and Diana Sheehan. I hope to make it next year.

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so how about that heat? The air on saturday was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Thats the hottest its been in carlisle in long time. I live 5-7 minutes away from the fairgrounds and it was worse at home!
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yeah saturday was bad i was there for about 4 hours bad case of sun burn and almost passed out from the heat but so worth it seeing all the birds merkurs and svos and finally seeing the turbo sho there SO SEXY
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thanx to all organizers (Pete, Dan, Gary - any others!!)...had a fun & very hot time! / worth the drive & was great to see all everyone has
done to their cars...inspiration for future years!! - great to put sum
faces to all the names & handles
cheers 4 now,,,

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WOA!....I WON!...My first car show ever and I won...Kinda wished I showed up Sunday now. Thanks guys! by the way Pete, you were close, haha, its Nesler.
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Thanks to everyone who came. It was great to see so many TC's on the same field together during such a hot weekend. For everyone that was you know why we push so hard to get a tent. There is never a happy medium at either freeze, drown, or melt and in all three instances it's great to have a tent. Thanks to Jon for making the trip from Phoenix, Arizona. Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks to Dan and Diana for all that they did in providing excellent cuisines on a daily basis, and for the Hospitality Room get togethers, and congratulatons for receiving an award that was well deserved. And thanks to everyone else who had a hand in planning and preparation. From a NATO standpoint, Carlilse seems to get better year after year. Hope everyone had a safe trip home and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year along with a lot more.
Gary S
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It was a nice show and the Merkurs showed up in force! The birds were a close second for sure. A very nice turn out for sure. I got to talk to a few of the bird owners and checked all the cars out. Most of the day there werent many people arround.
My buddys car read 104 deg outside temp leaving. I broke a dizzy gear on 81 leaving. Good thing I brought extras for the guys Tom
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Hot was the word of the day. Shade was golden. Congrats to the winners, nice to see so many birds there. I will try to bring mine up next year.
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