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Carlisle 2006 is now history
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Well folks, it's over for this year. Some rain, some clouds, some sun and a lot of good times with good friends. Smile

It's always fun to see the NATO members that make the annual trip and even better when we meet new Turbo Coupe fans and new NATO members.
Start planning for 2007, it's only 365 days away!

Diana and I are always happy to see our NATO family. We hope you had a safe trip home! Smile

See you next year!
Dan S
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It was a great time. A lot of laughing some poking fun and maybe even a little trash talking. I will say I did not pick on Dan at all.
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All I have to say is everything we read is true.

I had a blast, met everyone got some sunburn and even wrenched all in one weekend.

Thanks NATO

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I just got home (in record time) It was great to see everyone this year and meet lots of new people. I got a few pics and I'll try to get some up later. Thanks to Dan and Gary and Glenn for all the work they put in to make this thing happen.
Pete Dunham


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Our thanks to everyone that helpd make this great event memorable! Thanks for the great B-day cake and celebration, too. Katie and I are now safely in MA at my sisters home and will be for a few days before we resume our wanderings.

Already looking forward to next year!
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Joe it was nice to meet you, didnt share alot of words but again it was nice to meet you.

I had a blast and look forward to seeing JR next year

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I'm home too. Another great show. My only regret is I didn't get to spend much time around the NATO area. Next year I'm going to do things different. It was great to get meet you guys in person. Even if it was only breifly.
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well this year i spent the most tiem near the NATO tent, my girlfriedn lisa spend a ton of time (one sittign in the grass for about 2 hours... (her chioce) but meets soem new faces, saw soem old faces, still a lil confused on them as im not good at putting names to faces, to screen names at first, so sorry if i seem like a jerk when i see ya'll.

thnaks for all the complimnts on my ranger. i made some more stuff fit in the back as i took just abotu every tool i had with me, and sorry ic oudltn takwe tony's engien he bought, nto enought room and the weight woudkl have kille dmy suspension(i onyl have 1-2inchs of suspension travel int he rear)

BTW i WILL have the TC next year, if i saw next eyar in may im not taking it, smack me when i finalyl get there, no reason not to take it!
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Got home twenty minutes ago, good timing, and good traffic with a few spurts of rain> Even with the dinner stop in Newburgh Ny. it was a 6hr trip. Enjoyed seeing all of you again, and meeting all the new people I met this year. Sorry I wasn't around the tent much, but so many nice Bronco's to look at, and the rock crawlers too! Glad to hear all of you had a good safe trip as I did, and a great time as I did too?
Carlisle 2007 here I come!
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Me, Becky and Troy just walked in the door. We had a good trip. Took our time and such in the Explorer. We figured if we're only gonna get 16mpg, might as well sight-see... Smile

Anyway, it was good to see everyone again. Troy loved the show and you guys a lot. A future TC guy in the making...

We caught up with Gary S. on the way back and he was having "issues" with the shiniest TC in the world. *Everyone cross your fingers for him to make it home safely.* We left him at the 76/70 split and he appeared to be doing OK. ..forgot to give him my phone number. Ooops.

Well, we're going to bed. Night all!
Les T.
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