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Carlisle 05/08/01
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I'm happy to report that we currently have 19 individuals who have contacted me saying they have (or going to) register. This will be great ammo to approach Carlisle with for a separate class and a club tent. Would be nice though if we had some additional names just to get the point across. You still have time to register and make the $25.00 fee (May 11 is the cut off date). You can register online at or by calling the phone number listed at that web site. If you haven't registered and you decide to do so this week, drop me an email at [email protected] letting me know. Also, for those club members who haev registered, it has been suggested that we get together one night of the show and all eat out somewhere. Let me know your preference on nights.
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I think you have already counted me in the 19. But I am now officially registered for the event. Let's get that tent.

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Hey Jason, i saw you were from hanover too, maybe we could go up together, meet somewhere in Hanvoer or something. email me offline and we'll work something out
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Gary, I'd love to have registered by now but no credit card and the gas prices sucked the $25 outta my pocket for that... I get paid tomorrow but it won't get there in time =( but I'm going... if I have to sell a kidney or something... I'm going [Image: biggrin.gif]
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