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All that went, sure wish I could have made it, how was the weekend at Carlisle? I know in upstate NY it was very hot, so it must have been a scorcher down in PA. How was the overall turnout? Anyone get any good deals? I'm looking to head down next year, maybe with the 88TC, but taking the whole family usually involves using the big Expedition!
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We just got home a few hours ago. 1900 mile round trip for us from southeast Wisconsin (we take a non direct route taking some of the less travelled interstates with no tolls), and a 100+ mile ride thru the Appalachian mountains on the way to Carlisle. As always, the TC ran perfectly the entire trip, averaging 27.3 MPG.

We had 14 or 15 TCs (I forget the exact number) on Saturday. Having missed last year, it was great to see all the TC'ers we havent seen since Carlisle 2019. Weather was great both Friday and Saturday. Only a very brief light rain shower Friday morning with temps in the 70 to 80 F range. Mostly sunny the rest of the day Friday. Saturday was mid to high 80s and sunny. We cant wait for Carlisle 2022!!
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