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Car survey on our birds.....
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Was reading a view reviews over at and found this post. Brought a smile to my face:

"1987 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe from Germany

With an airbag this would be the ultimate Autobahn car
What things have gone wrong with the car?
Four alternators, one even caught fire, until I got a Bosch that has lasted 5 years.

Six power-steering pumps, all under warranty because the dealer did not use ATF in them.

Burnt valve at 160K.

Three fuel pumps.
General comments?
Great on the German Autobahn. The cruise control stops at 115 MPH. I have run the car at 130-150 MPH for over an hour at a time.

Very, very comfortable. Between adjusting the seat, 8 way power, and the steering column anyone can find the right driving position.

The steering is quick and you have to get used to it."

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[Image: eek.gif] [Image: eek.gif] [Image: eek.gif] [Image: eek.gif] [Image: eek.gif] [Image: eek.gif] [Image: eek.gif]
that fast for an hour at a time
Brian J Larkin
88TC 320k miles
T3, FMIC ,3in stinger exhaust, gillis,
255 walbro, afpr, 5spd swap,spec clutch, sn95 5 lug,.
89 Cougar XR7 3.8SC Auto
95 Ranger Splash 3.0 auto

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Yikes!! I want to go to Germany now [Image: frown.gif]
85 TC Auto

250-280 rwhp or Bust!!!!
mods: Sony HU, Pioneer 6.5" 3-way in the door and Pioneer 6x8 2-way in the rear deck; full 3" exhaust installed(dp, hi-flow cat, 3" MAC mustang GT cat-back)

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