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Car not starting with key .
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(02-25-2023, 01:13 AM)Daddybair Wrote:
(02-24-2023, 01:38 AM)JT Wrote: I looked at your pictures you sent. I'm drawing a blank as to what connector you pictured on the floor near the center console that you refer to as having 9 pins and 12 slots. Keep in mind the red/blue wire color is reused for different circuits.

That said, you had a picture of the ignition switch. As a quick test, with the key On and transmission in park or neutral, apply 12+ directly to that wire by backprobing at the ignition switch. I would use a fuse, just in case. If the starter engages, that's pretty good sign the ignition switch is the problem and that everything downstream is fine.

By the way, this car was either converted to a manual or the accelerator pedal swapped. The accelerator pedal for the auto and manual versions are different and yours is from an auto. So there's been more work done to this car.

The car was originally a manual my son's car was an auto he liked the autos gas pedal and swapped them out when he made his a manual . The connector if you look at the picture with the red carpet it's the one that has a blue speaker wire going into it. The red/lb wire in that plug goes straight from the ignition switch, I also put the blue speaker wire in it to show where I'm at. I had a test lead at both points there is 12v when the key is turned to start than 0v when the key is not in start. Everything worked when it was in my son's car and  it should have worked when he swapped it all over so you think.

OK, so I think I better understand.

It sounds like you have 12+, in the Start position, from the red/blue wire out of the ignition switch. If so, then ignition switch is likely OK as is the upstream 12+ supply.

You're losing the power somewhere between that center console plug and the starter relay in the engine bay. Correct?

If that's the case, there's a couple things to note.

1) The jumper for the manual transmissions is connector C501 and it's on the driver's side of the transmission support on the outside. It jumps the red/blue wire to the white/pink wire.
2) The white/pink wire goes to a starter interrupt relay, part of the security system (if equipped)

I have the big electrical book from Ford that folds out and is complete. There is more going on than the electrical troubleshooting page that was previously posted.

The plug you pictured by the floor of the center console has both circuits. Red/blue in one slot and the white/pink in another slot. I believe if you were to jump those two wires (with a fuse, for protection), that the start circuit should work with the key. Why it doesn't in your car, I'm guessing we're missing something.

Here's another page that shows the alarm and the start circuit that may help you:

As you can see, there is a relay that appears to break the start circuit, if the alarm were activated. You probably don't have this but the wiring should help you understand the circuit.

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Ok im missing the harness from the dash to the transmission tunnel. It plugs into the 12 pin connector under the dash that I sent you a picture in the email

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Jt I got it fixed just had to find the missing harnesses.

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