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car just died need help
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the darn thing just up and died on me for no reason. just as if it suddenly ran out of fuel but i checked it and it has 38 psi when you turn the key on. i checked for spark and there is.when i was checking the motor when it died i noticed that the alt was a little warm.after i got towed home i checked it out and found that the main + is getting very warm and the starter is hot. it is very hard to roll over as though the battery were dead but it is fine.i even tried a 1000 crank amp battery out of my truck and it will hardly roll it over.could either one cause the car to just quit like this.i am going to change the starter tomorrow and run the codes but any ideas would be great

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with the symptoms your giving I'd ck battery cable ends,cable,& grounds. with the other battery in the car take a jumper cable from - on the battery to another ground point on the engine and see if that helps...quick way to ck ground too...still could be the starter though...

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