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Car Jerking and Sputtering
beckettbird Offline
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I have an 88 TC 5Speed.
I just had the 3 inch ATR exhaust system put in and the KN Filter.

Prior to this my car would sputter occasionally when my boost hit about 10-12 psi. Usually in the morning.
After the exhaust there was no change in operation other than the power increase.
After I installed the KN The car would "choke" for lack of a better discription when I hit the gas. If a barely gave it gas,it would run pretty good.
Today however, it started chugging and jerking. Is this a common problem? What is the fix? I haven't tried running the codes, will try to follow the instructions on this site.

Pete D Offline
It's always good to pull the codes.

What's the state of tune, how long since new plugs, wires, cap and rotor Use stock replacment Motorcraft plug wires or Taylor High Energy (Summit Racing) and either autolite 764 coper plus or NKG 2238 gapped around 0.032" a tuneup may not cure it but it is necessary to eliminate it as either the cause or a contributor.

I would suspect fuel problems. I'll send you some info.
Let us know on the codes.
Pete Dunham


Thunderbird88 Offline
My car was bucking also when I had installed the Gillis Boost Valve and when I put in the NKG plugs the bucking went away.

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