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car cover recommendation
bryanb Offline
what say you all about car covers? particularily inexpensive ones at the likes of Wal-Mart, and such? I have no garage at my apartment, and would like to sield the car somewhat...

Bryan Berndt
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I have the Noah from Covercraft. Not inexpensive by a long shot, but it's lasted me 5 years and is still in good shape even though many birds have bombed on it and pine tree sap is all over. I wash it at a laundromat once a year in cold water and woolite, don't put it in the drier.

I don't have a suitable garage either.
Sold it Sad*

Jeff K Offline
Ditto what Matt said about the Noah covers. Notcheap, but as with everything, you get what you pay for.
Jeff Korn

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California Car Cover Company. I swear by them! This is the second one I've owned. Last for 5 years at least in all kinds of weather. Top notch and not cheap!!
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mike Offline
get a technalon 3 or better. i had one for 10 years. it just started pulling apart. it was used on the east coast then used here in AZ and it lasted 3.5 years out here. i got every penny out of that bad boy. do a search on google for technalon car covers. their like a real soft flannel that breaths awsome. thats what you want excellant breathability. the ones from wallmart and parts stores are junk. their almost all like a tyvec material. very very bad. you may be able to order good ones though. the technalons are not cheap at all. your looked at 150 to start. but, what is your bird worth to you? to me its my baby.

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