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Can we talk blow off valves..bypass valves..?
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Ordered my Intercooler pipes and dont have any flanges for a blow off valve or bypass valve.

I know you don't HAVE to run one. However for science and rice I wouldn't mind running one. My buddy runs a Volvo FMIC on his 2.3 with no extra valves and it appears okay.

Would I be doing any harm not running one? I wouldn't mind having Tial.
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Its my opinion that when available, a BOV is always preferred. There is debate on the benefits of recirculating vs. vent to atmo, but its really your preference on that one. Definitely do your homework to figure out what best for you. Then again, you don't HAVE to run a BOV, the stock TC doesn't.
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It's the extra intake path length, when running a front mount, that makes a BOV/BPV a very good idea. Not running one will shorten the life if your turbo. All that air has to go somewhere when the throttle plate closes and back through the turbo is not ideal, to say the least.

As far as which type. As margood stated, it boils down to preference, especially since you are running a Pimp.

If you get a BOV with a regular hose connection, you can get a straight silicone coupler from various places that has a 't' for attaching it. I think the one I have came from treadstone.
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Some people end up with a bucking issue when shifting, some don't. I know I did, but I was running an external wastegate. Threw on a tial knock-off BOV and the issue went away completely
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BOV or Bypass is better then spinning the turbo backwards(lost my stock IHI to that). Bypass is better for fuel economy and spark plugs over time, but a BOV sounds so much cooler!
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Absolutely put a BOV on it! You need one with a FMIC and all of the additional piping. Two years ago, my aftermarket BOV stopped working. I was lazy and didn't bother to replace it. Fast forward about 4 months. I was running the boost up and when I lifted, the gas pedal dropped to the floor and the engine went down to idle. Turns out the backfeeding from not having a working BOV weakened and finally broke the throttle shaft in the TB. Of course when that happened, one of the screws holding the throttle blade on the shaft got sucked into the engine, beat the crap out of #3 piston, damaged the exhaust seat on that cylinder and destroyed the turbine wheel on my $900 Precision turbo.
Very expensive lesson. I replaced the turbo, fixed the head and piston and you better believe I put a new BOV on it.
Now when I am running the car hard, I listen carefully making sure the BOV is doing it's job.
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