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Can't get my clutch master cyl off!!!HELP
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My clutch stopped working and the pedal feels spongy. Trying to take mastercyl. off and can't do it. Chiltons and Hayes says to just remove the slave cyl and the resovior, and then rotate master 45 degrees clockwise tto remove. How does it come off? Finally....DOES ANYONE ACTUALLY HAVE A BLEEDER ON THEIR SLAVE LIKE A BRAKE BLEEDER? MINE IS INSANE? IMPOSSIBLE TO BLEED IN PLACE. IT IS A RECESSED ALLEN SET-SCREW THAT COVERS A HOLE IN THE HOUSING. CRAZY.
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The Ford shopmanual says (to remove master cylinder)1. remove slave as outlined (pressure line attached to slave with a roll pin)2. remove MC reservoir by removing two nuts. 3. disengage push rod from clutch pedal. Remove master cylinder by turning 45 degrees clockwise, then gently oull MC out.
4. Remove pressure line as outlined (roll pin again), if necessary. END

Did you check the slave for leakage by moving the rubber boots from the cylinder and check for leakage. A slight wetting of surfaces is OK, more than that is not good. Same applies to the master cylinder.

I have changed a slave and bled the system so I know it can be done. Dont try to bleed the system with the slave out of position
Bleeding is done by opening the valve with an Allen wrench 1/2 turn, push down the pedal, close valve and then release pedal. Don't overfill reservoir beyond the step mark about 1/2 way up the container.

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