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Can anyone tell me how to trim down an 85 TC harness?
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I have a 96 std cab, short bed 2.3 5 speed stepside Ranger with a blown motor that I would like to put an 85 Turbo Coupe engine in. The 85 was a 5 speed also and I have that T5 trans too. I also have an 87 and 88  complete engines and an intercooler and dual electric fans from the 87, but no wiring harness or computer for 87 or 88 , and uncertain of condition of those 2 later engines.  So, the 85 motor being known good and having the complete wiring harness and computer from that car, the 85 motor seems the best bet.  If I can figure out how to do the wiring.

So far I have learned on other sites that the motor is essentially a bolt-in physically. Should bolt in on the Ranger mounts and directly to the Ranger 5 speed, which would leave the hydraulic clutch system in place too. 96 cam will fit the 85 motor but cam followers will not. I have the front accessory drives from all 3 TC motors and the 96 as well, so I should be able to get one of those front bracket and pulley setups to work. Leaning toward the 87 setup cuz serpentine belt unlike the 85 which is dual V belt instead. 96 front setup I am told may be difficult to fit as some of the holes for brackets have moved. But, I think I will get that figured out.

I have been told that the 85 engine wiring harness is very similar to the 87-88 and an ECM from those later motors will fit the 85 engine wiring harness too should I later decide to do that. If so, can I follow the 87-88 swaps for electrical purposes, since the 85 wiring harness is very similar and will accommodate an 87-88 computer?

But right now this is just a low buck project that probably does not warrant the expense of an aftermarket harness.  ($600?)  So, I figured there probably had to be a few members on here who have installed a TC motor and its harness/partial harness in a vehicle that it never came in.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to figure out how to use the 85 ECM harness and ECM in conjunction with the 96 chassis wiring to make this work? If there is a project someone has done with 85-88 TC motor in a later Ford chassis, or a guide to paring down the harness then that would be helpful.

Tall order perhaps, but a few days ago I did not even know the engine would bolt in.  So, progress... Have done many engine swaps, but always avoided computers other than directly replacing them when bad. So, ECM wiring is probably my Achilles heel.

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man you are crossing a lot of years and parts here. Yes the engine should bolt right in the place of yours, the fun indeed starts with the wiring. Check out, there are many who have done swaps there. We here on this site tend to work on our factory engine turbo coupes without swapping much, but we can help a lot with getting your 2.3 running right. Hope this helps
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