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Can anyone help me why my car leaking coolant?
Mike N Offline
I have a 1988 2.3L automatic Turbo Coupe.

My overflow bottle looked pretty low, so I added some premixed coolant. First time I did this.

A bit later, I noticed my car leaking coolant which looked like it was coming from rear of engine (like straight under the back of engine.

I also noticed my temp zone went into red zone.


For starters, I"m going to change out my thermostat.

However, is there an overflow line on back of engine are? I am getting hot air, so I think my heater core is ok?

Any idears as to why this thing was leaking? I have really driven this car much in the last 2 years, I"m thinking just the thermostat was bad?

Pete D Offline
There are several "out of sight" hoses under the intake manifold on the driver's side that could be leaking. Most of them are towards the rear of the car. These often get overlooked when hoses get changed. They are best observed from under the car. I would check them first and the metal lines they connect to as the metal has been known to rust out.
Pete Dunham


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My car had a tiny little hose that I noticed was leaking when I put in a new clutch. The hose was about 2 inches long and an inch thick, and was just to the right of the middle of the car, and near the rear of the engine.
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Pete D Offline
Where did it come from or go to? Was it near the turbo?
Pete Dunham


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If you look closely at the overflow bottle the full mark is barely off the bottom. The first time I filled mine I way overfilled it and coolant went everywhere. About the heater core, you will still get hot air if bad but also a mist on windshield and maybe wet carpets on pass. side.
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Jeff K Offline
There are two metal coolant pipes that run around the back of the engine. Not real common, but they have been known to develop pinhole leaks.
Jeff Korn

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Or the worst case scenario is the freeze plug in the back of the engine. That's where my TC decided to leak from. You have to pull the trans to get at it. It leaks straight under the back of the engine. If you jack up your car and see the coolant coming out of the bell housing, it's probably the freeze plug.

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