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Camshaft help
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Hi I am Jonathan and I am 20 doing my first build and I decided to go with the 2.3t for my 1996 ford ranger. I need help with setting up the cam, cam specs are:
Intake 210° @ .050”
Exhaust 210° @ .050”
LCA 111°
Lift .468”
It's a big r performance ranger roller xxx cam
I have a stock 2.3 d port turbo head no porting done yet and no oversized valves yet, head has Allredy been rebuilt. Was wondering what I have to do to measure for clearance from the valve spring retainer to the the valve guide. I have read online that anything over .470 lift the guides need machined down so that they don't contact when running. I have Allredy shimmed all the hla's (I took one of the old hla's apart and took the spring out of it so it would bottom out/collapse and shimmed them all to .040-.050 so that they are in spec I think spec is .030-.0.50 but I wanted to be on the loose side. If I need to clearance the valve guides would it be worth it to go with .100 longer valves from racer Walsh (so I don't have to grind the valve guides) and get the head re sized for oversized valves and port the exhaust and intake?
Let me know what you think I should do thank you!

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