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cam timing tech article - wtf
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No offense but that tech article is confusing and it skipped some steps. In the beginning it says that it is assumed the timing belt is removed etc, but then it doesn't tell me when to put it back on! wtf

my timing experience shows to line up the cam pulley indicator with the middle of the 3 indicators that are right next to that pulley, AND THEN put the timing belt on

can someone enlighten me on how to properly time a TC, and whether or not i need to do that string trick (and how to do it)

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If you still have the three marks indicator attached to your back cover, then don't worry about the string thing. That's is to show the correct relationship if the 3 marks indicator is missing. they frequently get broken off.

Everything has to be correctly postioned, then the belt goes on. If everything is still lined up once the belt is on, then slowly release the tensioner to put tension on the belt. Once the tension is applied, make sure nothing moved (the crank or the cam) The cam or the crank often move when tension is applied and if it does you have to start over. If it keeps moving on you (usually the crank) you can try putting the crank a little off in the opposite direction such that when tension is applied the crank moved to be aligned with the TD mark. When everything is said and done the crank has to align with the TD mark and the cam has to align with the center of the 3 marks on the back cover.

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