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cam timing
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For everyone here that has no timing cover,heres a little trick I cam up with that maked cam timing EASY if you have a 87-88 valve cover,You can use the ribs on the valve cover ribbs to set the cam timing.To get the cam tming on perfect,count from the marker on the cam gear (out of the three,you start from the one on the right side of the pointer)16 teeth counterclockwise.When its lined up perfect,the 16 and 17th teeth will be on each side of the middle rib on the valve cover.It will be in the middle of the two.It sounds kind of confusing but it works every time.I will try to post some pics to help out.
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Sounds like wit would work, but I think it would be easier for all to see a picture so there can be no confusion.
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That sounds good. But what I always do it take a sright edge and line up the cam gear mark with the stright edge that is centered on the Cam and Aux shaft bolts. Not knocking on your way just adding another known good way of doing it.
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