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Here's a picture of my proposed BPV routing.

I have already fabricated the VAM to Zip Hose adapter. Now I just have to tap into the IC (gulp).

I plan on using 1"ID Clear Braided PVC hoses to connect it all up.

Dan Eaves
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Dan Eaves
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Sounds good to me, Dan. How are you going to tap into the IC and attach the fitting? The tanks are aluminum, and very easy to drill thru with a hole saw. What I did was drill a 1" hole first. Then I got a 3/4" NPT (I think that was the size) female cast iron pipe union, and cut off about 1/2" from one end. I welded 2 L brackets to the end, and secured the 1/2" piece to the IC with 2 screws. THen I sealed it all up with a good thick layer of metal epoxy. You can then put your choice of fitting (but NOT PVC, as I found out) in the threaded pipe section. If you drill "up" (holding the IC so you drill toward the sky) virtually no drill shavings will get into the IC, but be sure to clean it out real good anyway!

BTW, you drawing shows the BPV connected "backwards" from what most people will say is correct. Personally, I have mine hooked up like your drawing, as there is no chance of boost blowing the valve off its seat, and the problem of boost blowing the sides out of the valve diaphram isnt an issue, as both sides of the diaphram see the same pressure under boost.

Jeff Korn

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Jeff Korn

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