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buzzin after car dies
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well i finally got my 86 runnin right. it still only likes to start whe ni give it a little gas for a couple seconds, but then ideals fine and drives great. well the problem is if i dont give it gas whe ni start it, it will die ( like before ) but right after it dies i hear a buzzin from the trunk and my tach goes to 1000 rpms with key on engine off. i have done this a coupe times to see if it still does it and it does. oh ya this is a new thing, before when it died it did nothing. so i checked my trunk when its buzzing (it will buzz untill i turn key to off) the fuel pump realy in my upper right fender is what making the noise. i grabed it and could feel it clicking. anyone have a clue what this is? and how to fix it would be nice also. thanks, nick
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I don't have my EVTM handy, but if my car were doing that, I would check the connections on the relay and elsewhere. I think that relay grounds at the EEC, and gets power from the EEC relay, but I am not sure since I don't have the EVTM here.

I would also jumper the line for power to the fuel pump to see if that solved the starting problem, and then remove the jumper once that question was answered. If the car runs right with the fuel pump jumpered, the problem is the relay or the relay circuit. A few months after I got my car, the PC1 EEC stopped supplying ground to the fuel pump relay. Had to replace the EEC to fix that problem. The relay itself died a few months later.

Hope this helps
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