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Buying and Selling Precautions. Please Read
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Below are some things you can do to evaluate potential buyer/sellers. There are no guaranties that every transaction will be satisfactory. NATO assumes no responsibility for the performance of buyers, sellers or the condition of any merchandise.

Know the buyer or seller you intend to deal with. Do not deal with somebody who has solicited you by email unless you have already made contact with them through the Message Board either by "post and response" or through PM's. Many scammers don't "register" for the message board. They look through the ads and then email buyers or sellers. For sellers, scammers will send fake checks or money orders, hoping the merchandise will be shipped before the trickery is found out. For buyers they will accept your money but ship no product. Make sure whoever you dealing with is at least registered for the message board. Registration is not a guarantee of honest dealing, just a first step to be investigated.

If they are registered, then look at their post count and the length of time they have been registered. If their post count is none or little and they just registered, then be cautious. If they have posted only in the sale forums, be cautious. You can get a listing of their recent posts by using the search feature and putting their user name in the last box.
See if they have contributed in forums other than the "Sale or Wanted" forums.

See if they have been rated by others in the Vendor Issues forum;f=5
Do a search within that forum by putting their username in the top box ("Search Words") to see if there is a previous rating(s). That is what this forum is for, to share experiences you have had with other buyers and sellers. Share both your good or any bad experiences so others can benefit.
You may want to see if they have any ratings at TurboFord or other 2.3T related sites. Scammers may have different usernames at different sites.;f=9

Also see if the intended buyer or seller is a NATO Member. If they are, the term "NATO Member" will appear underneath their username in a post or reply. Again this is not a guarantee. However NATO Members are special individuals who have chosen to support the Club and the Board through their paid membership. I, personally, am more comfortable dealing with people I know over time and people that have a vested interest in the well being of the club than with someone who may be gone the next day.

If you are a non-member, please consider supporting the site through a donation from the sale of your items through the site.

Other tips:

Ask for pictures of the merchandise. Not foolproof, pictures do not always convey things well but it doesn't hurt. Be prepared to furnish pictures if you are a seller. You can upload and link pictures within posts. If you have a problem, contact me. Note: picture file size must be less than 500 KB. File names must not have any spaces in them. You can only upload .jpg & .gif file types. For more info on posting pictures see:;t=000160

If you have followed all the instructions and cannot post - get a "not authorized" message, please contact me by email, pmdunham (at)
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