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hi, my name is matt, and i have found this site to be nothing but useful and helpful, and the perfect resource for my 2.3 turbo motor. i recently did an 88 turbo coupe swap into my 89 mustang. 2 weeks later my turbo took a dump. i posted in the wanted forum, and got several responses. one from a guy from Buffalo, NY, named Chuck Haug, or Thunderbird234. said he had a mildly ported manifold, and jet hot coated IHI turbo for sale. we agreed on a price of 110 dollars, and he said hed send it out as soon as he got my payment. he received it monday the 14th of july, and said he'd mail it right out. i asked him to express ship it because my car was down, and i had to drive my nice car untill the beater got fixed. he agreed, and all was said and done. at the end of the week i emailed him because it still wasnt there. his girlfriend started emailing me saying that he was away in Colorado, but that he sent it out. i went on a 4 day vacation, and when i returned, was startled to find out that it still wasnt there. again his girlfriend emailed me saying that he was out of town, and the package got returned because he put the wrong address on it. she kindly told me that if i sent her the right one, she would overnight it to me. thurday at 4:45, i emailed her the correct address, and asked for a tracking number. i didnt hear back from her, and sunday night, rather purturbed, i sent her/him an email expressing my discontent for the bad deal, and the necessity for them to get me my product. i also checked online for phone numbers in the buffalo new york area (where is address is) for people with his name. i called one, and it turned out to be his dad. the next day, his girlfreind emailed me again and thanked me for getting chuck in trouble because his parents didnt know he was out of town. she said that she had mailed it out friday the 25th, and to "chill" because she didnt always check his mail. i emailed her back seconds later with a retort, and asking her if she followed through with her overnight shipping claim, and asked for a tracking number again. that was 2 days ago, and i still havent heard from either of them. during this period of time, the user Thuderbird234 has posted several times on this board. i've PM'd him, and even started replying to his most recent posts with comments like "chuck where's my turbo?". the next logical step is to talk to the moderators which i have done. i dont know what to do. i dont take loosing 110 dollars lightly. i WILL either retreive my turbo or money. in fact, me, a buddy, and the local police will be at his door satruday morning unless i get a turbo, my money, or a DAMN good excuse. i want to do so with as little hassle, and in the least abrasive possible way. however, i'm coming to the time where i need to turn the heat up.
lastly i dont care if the damn turbo IS in the mail, and it arrives today after my posting this. i still feel the need for you, the members to know about this.

can you offer me any suggestions??
thanks in advance

ps. i have his home address, and his email is [email protected]

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This is the sad part about dealing over the net.
Maybe you will get it soon but the waiting and BS is the hardest part.
I have tried to sell stuff before and had people expect me to send it out before payment. I don't think so!
Now it will just collect in my garage unless I can sell it locally.

I think most people on here are honest enough and would deal fair and square, but when you advertize you will get the sharks and bottom feeders too.
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