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Burning through intermediate shafts
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I had a remanned engine put in a couple years ago and have subsequently burned through two intermediate shafts (the gear) at about 1k miles each.  My local mechanic is stumped as well as several engine builder friends.

1. Has anyone here heard of this as an issue?
2. Does anyone know where I can find more intermediate shafts?  The only ford dealer that has them wants about 10x for them.

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Failing oil pump with high internal friction or distributor that doesnt turn freely (bad bushings causing lots of friction can cause the gear in the distributor and/or the gear on the intermediate shaft to fail. Running heavy weight oil can also cause gear failure. If the intermediate shaft gear fails, the shaft must be replaced AND the distributor gear must also be replaced. Esslinger sells billet shafts and the corresponding dist gear, but they are quite pricy.
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