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bumper cover repair
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I'm wondering if this is something I should do or just purchase a new/used one. I have a couple places of damage on my front bumper cover. The first one happened when a fuseable link wire burned out and the car needed towed about a mile and a half home. The tow strap broke the bottom portion on one side. The second place of damage came, also from towing, when the car was pulled out of the snow in the driveway last winter. The middle brace is broken and if you know where to look, the cover is broken near the front license plate area. What is the best way to fix this damage? I'm going to change color on the car soon anyway (maroon to black) would I be better off finding a black bumper cover?
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I posted the same question a few months ago,and somebody reccomended Bondo brand bumper cover repair epoxy.I bought it at Advance Auto for 5 bucks,used it, and it worked great.Of course I didn't have the extent of damage you do.If you are handy with the body repair end of things,try it out.You can allways score a good used bumper cover,but most people won't ship.
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About 5 yrs ago, a guy ran a stop sign and my wife hit him in the DD TC. Split the bumper cover in half! I asked the body shop about a replacement and he said he could fix it. He showed me some kind of urethane repair epoxy. He used a metal plate behind the cover and epoxied, sanded and painted the cover. To this day, you still can't tell that it was ever in two pieces unless you look behind the cover. Yep, with the correct material, it can definitely be fixed.
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NAPA part 765-1540 Flex Bumper Repair Kit contains more material than Bondo kit.
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