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Brand New Battery Cable.....
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..... Is absolutely trashed. Its only about 5 months old, and it had corrosion about a foot back into the insulation from the bracket side, and about 4 inches back from the terminal side. It was a NIB NOS complete turbocoupe cable too. I wonder why it did this?? The only thing i can think of is that it has some tiny cracks at each end of the insulation and it just corroded back that quick. The bracket end was actually hanging on by HALF the origional thickness of the wires. I just replaced it with a genaric negative cable from checker, and soldered/crimped/sealed the lead onto the existing good lead that came on the NOS cable. I also sealed the ENTIRE cable with some cable sealant we use when installing light bars on our Crown Vics. It should hold till the end of time now!
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