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brake troubles
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My brake peddle is very hard
Sandlewood beige 88 coupe 93k/ super 60 T3 at 24 pounds/ ATR 3" no cat or tail pipe/ 255lph high pressure pump/ Kirban AFPR at 42/ Spec stg3/ GN FMIC/ 1g DSM BOV/ 14* timing/ disconected KS/ Tri-ax short throw/ Autometer boost,vac and air to fuel/ 140 spedo/ Ford motorsports 5300-c springs/ tubular rear upper cntrl arms.

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Is that a bad thing? From my experience with TC's, it seems that brake force is modulated more by pedal effort than by pedal travel
Estoril blue 1987 TC 5spd, 148k mi, a237, Bailey BOV, spec stg3 clutch, spearco FMIC, 50 trim t3/t4, 3" exhaust, Bamafuel, LM1, 55pph
Best 1/4 mile: 12.31 @ 110mph on 25psi

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Sounds like your brake relay has taken a crappola.It is one of the 2 relays attached to the firewall under a little plastic cover,right in front of the driver.Not sure which one of the 2 it is,maybe someone who has done it already can tell you which.

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