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Brake Pump runs all the time
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Ok so here is a quick rundown of what has happened so far.

Went through the trouble shooting guide and found that I had a bad pressure switch i replaced the switch while I had the motor out. Sometime while either pulling the motor or putting the motor back into the car the rubber line from the resivior came disconnected and emptied the res. Well I wasn't even thinking about the brakes when I was trying to get the motor running. Now that I have the motor running and am trying to get the brakes to work. I replaced the rubber line and filled the res back up noe the pump runs all the time when the key is on I still havent gotten a chance to actually drive the car to see what the brakes are like. The pump did run several times with the res empty for a few min at a time do you think that I fubard the accumulator? or do I just need to blead the system down.
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Thats the first thing I would do is bleed the brake system using the procedure in the tech section. It may be that the pressure switch is reading the air bubble in the system causing the motor to run constantly.
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