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Brake overhaul
blackbird87 Offline
I have a 1987 with the stock abs brakes. The rubber hoses, calibers,pads,bearings and rotors are on order. Should I go back with dot3 brake fluid or synthetic? My worry is the pump and seals not liking the newer style fluid. Let me know your thoughts and thanks.
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RocketshipChair Offline
I see no benefit of using a synthetic brake fluid. Also, if I remember correctly, it isn't compatible with dot 3. So if you mix it with anything that still has traces of dot 3 bad things happen. Just doesn't seem worth the risk to me.
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Jeff K Offline
^^^^ +1 with Andrew. If there is ANY DOT3 left in the system when switching to DOT4, bad things will happen. Just change the DOT3 fluid every few years.
Jeff Korn

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Sophosis Offline
I thought DOT3 and DOT4 were ok to mix... you lose the higher boiling point advantage of DOT4 by mixing with DOT3, but ok to mix, even as little sense as it would make.

DOT5 is definitely the one that is no-no for mix being silicon based.
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blackbird87 Offline
Thanks. I thought mixing the two was bad. Dot3 it is.Since I was replacing all the lines and calibers this would be the time to drain the system and start fresh. Thanks again.
1988 Turbo Coupe 5spd stock. 1987 Turbocoupe 5spd,Totalled.

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