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Brake Issue
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Just picked up an '84 Courgar XR7 with the turbo 2.3 and C3 automatic.

The car apparently has sat for a few years, however, it does still start and move under it's own power, problem doesn't stop!!

These are the symptoms. The pedal goes all the way to the floor and returns, however, it does not slow or stop the car at all, you MUST use the emergency brake to stop. The reservoir is full, even after repeated stepping on the brakes. There is no visible signs of leaks, either at the calipers in front or the cylinders in the back. There is no whooshing sound that I can hear coming from the brake booster. There is no paint peeling from the area of the firewall and brake booster (brake fluid will peel the paint). The only brake light that ever comes on is the one near the gauges and ONLY when I apply the parking brake (is there another brake light, near the HVAC, in that idiot light cluster?)

Since this car is being built for bracket racing, functional brakes are a big deal. In going through the glove box, I did find a mechanics diagnosis done in 2008 on this car, says the brakes were +6 mm in the front, and +3mm in the rear. Says hose are original and due for replacement, but not that they are leaking, and then says rear brake shoes have worn into backing plate and damaged them? Are they talking about the circular backing plate that the shoes are on, or the backing plate behind the pad material itself? Goes on to say to replace all hoses, master cylinder, flush system. Also says some parts are obsolete?? Again this work sheet comes from a Ford shop in the northwest...

So what say you? I'm leaning toward new pads and shoes and a new master cylinder, figuring that the master cylinder is leaking internally, whis is why there is no loss of fluid in the reservoir.

Any ideas or thoughts would be great!

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If you're planning on racing or driving the car at all the first thing I would do is put the car on jack stands and do your own complete check of every component of the braking system. This is the most important system on your car so be thorough and replace anything that looks to be worn cracked or otherwise damaged. If after all checks out and you still have problems you will be able to joint them down much easier

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