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bought a lightning
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Well after my car started on fire over the summer, my insurance gave me $1500 for my 87 TC. Then I sold it to this salesman at the Ford dealership where i worked at for $1100. Doesn't suck the way we get screwed by the insurance companys? And the insurance company calculated my car as being in completely mint shape. By the way, the guy who bought it from me is going to put alot of money into my car this winter, so next spring it will really be in mint shape. and it will have a stroked 351 in it, so it will be a little different. But I took my money and bought a 93 f-150 lightning, its sort of been my dream to have one and now i got. I was wondering what you guys think of those.

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>>93 f-150 lightning, its sort of been my dream to have one and now i got. I was wondering what you guys think of those.<<

I want to make a baby turbo lightning.
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The guy i bought my tc from has a ranger that he put the tc motor in. It is a pretty quick little truck.

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I know you won't want to hear this, but in case anything like this ever happens again, be sure to haggle with the insurance company!

My 88TC sustained $1800 worth of damage when I got rear ended, they're paying for that plus about $500 for a rental while it's getting fixed. I didn't even have to haggle with them, which surprised me. The insurance adjuster told me that he is working on a case with an 88TC that looks like it will be totalled. The owner is insisting on fixing it, so the adjuster is doing some research online to see if he can justify paying more to have it fixed. They'll work with you if you put up a fight!

About the Lightning..I don't follow pickup trucks, but I've heard those things are pretty damn quick. Which engine does it have?
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my boss has a new lighting and that thing will has a stage 2 kit in it and has well over 500 hp
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I believe the 93 lightning has a 351W in it.
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I bought a new '93 Red Lightning in Sept of that year and owned it for almost 5 years, selling it in the fall of '98. Didn't want to but I was buying a house and it really helped in making the down payment.

I have nothing but good things to say about them, I used to take mine to club events at Gingerman Raceway, Grattan Raceway, and Road America.
A friend of mine races a Mustang in SCCA A-Sedan and he would give me some of his used tires to run on the truck. With the race tires, I was able to lap Grattan Raceway faster than a Showroom Stock class Mustang.
I surpised more than a share of people who thought I was nuts for showing up in a truck.

Have fun, I'm sure that you will enjoy it too.


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