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boosting in neutral
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I've got a 88 t bird turbo coupe and last winter while doing some spirited driving I heard a bang and lost power. I checked the timing belt and it looked to have jumped time and the engine would barely run. Also to note there was no leaks or white smoke out the exhaust. I first thought it was the head gasket. But i thought it was weird though while being out of time that it would boost in neutral like to 15lbs. So i just replaced the belt and now it seems to idle fine but still kind of lazy and still wants to boost in neutral and seems to get warm fairly quick. Maybe i'm off a tooth?

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Did you check/reset ignition timing after setting cam timing?
Pete Dunham


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In addition to checking and rechecking cam and ignition timing,be sure the SPOUT plug is plugged in and ignition timing advances.
Jeff Korn

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