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body moulding
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hi, i was wondering if anyone on here could tell me what the propper way to install and remove the body moulding is ie: the black plastic strips that run along the body with "turbocoupe" lettering
thanks: Joe
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I use piano wire and "saw" them off. Best to have some help on the long pieces to keep them straight.

Do a search on "bodyside molding", this has been discussed before. I think there is a two sided tape for putting them back on.
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I used a heat gun (not a torch)to heat the mouldings, start at one corner and peel it back. Keep heating as you go and apply the heat to the back side. One thing Ford did right was the adhesive on the back of those things.

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Piano wire? That's damn genius. I assume guitar strings work just as good. It's too late now, because I bent mine all to hell peeling them back, but the tecnique is stored in the files for next time. [Image: wink.gif]
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