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still trying to get more info on how to change 84 bird nose with an 88 nose? also I would like to know if the gauge assembly on an 84 can be changed(easily) with the gauge assembly that has oil press, volts, boost gauge, water temp. All there is on my 84 is a tach,speedo,and fuel in the middle. or is there a indiglow gauge set for this version of gauge assembly

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To change the header panel just remove the headlamps, all the nuts and pull it off, put the new one on and bolt it in. Shouldn't take more than an hour if you have NO experience. You WILL NEED the inside marker light though! It would be best if you could swap all the lights from an 88 along with the header panel.

-Pop out the bulbs

-Remove all the lite housings

-Remove the two nuts (per side) from the inside-front fenderwell just outside the housings but back inside the fenderwell.

-Remove the nuts from the inside middle of the nose (one holds the nose to the latch support brace/ one holds the nose to the lower fascia)

-Remove the screws from underneath where the lite housings were (two per side?)

That should cover it. The tricky part will be making everything line up perfectly when you put the new one on. I'd say put everything back in the same order you took them off, but leave the lite housings for last obviously...

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