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Body Cut?
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Question for y'all.

I just got an 86 thunderbird turbo coupe. I lifted up the weatherstripping on the driver's and passenger's side door jam and found, in the center, a place where it looks as if the roof top was cut and put back together. Both sides. I know that ford did some interesting work on some of these birds, but this looks suspicious. i have clean car fax reports but i'm a little nervous that this bird has had some work....anyone interseted in pulling that weather stripping off and letting me know what they find or don't find??

any info would be greatly appreciated!



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Carfax doesn't count for squat. They actually paid me $30 when I gave them 10 VIN's of totaled title vehicles that they claimed were clean.

That being said, do you have a pic showing the cut?

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Darin, post up some pics and we'll help you out. If I only lived closer, I'd look at it in person for you.

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