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Bob Hanlon
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I have to give him all the credit in the world.I finally met him in person down at FFW in Orlando and he is a super nice guy.
We had an issue with a Mustang and he was more then happy to loan us the tools needed to make the repairs.
I mentioned to him that a few members on here have bought input retainers from him and he was thankful for that.
I just wanted to get his name out there some more for being such a great guy.

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Is this the guy who owns Hanlon Motorsports? If so I buy alot of parts from him. He's a great guy!
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Quote:Originally posted by trbocoup:
Is this the guy who owns Hanlon Motorsports?
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I've been to Bob's shop and the whole family is very nice. It's a family owned and operated business. I'll give them business anytime I need something for a T5.

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