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Blower Motor Issues?
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Good Evening All:
I have an issue with my ac/heat blowing through the dash panel vents. No issue with cold ac & hot heat. The system is not digital. It is the standard lever type. I can hear the blower motor turning madly under the dash. However the air/heat barely blows out of the front dash panel vents. I’ve tried closing off the passenger side in hopes of better blow speed. No dice. I did have an issue with a rat making a home in the passenger wheel shroud last Summer. It chewed the hose up at the vacuum resovoir. I had a shop repair it. Could that have anything to do with the current issue? Any ideas? Could something be blocked? Do I have to pull the dash part for the fix? As always thank you everyone for your great advice.

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Sounds like either the bearings inside the blower motor let go or the rats have created a nest inside the hvac system and got diced up in the blower motor. I do believe you have to pull the dash to replace the blower motor. I'll check the book tomorrow. You may be able to stick an endoscope/borescope down the vents to see in side the hvac tubes and blower motor. You can get some decent ones on amazon that interface with your phone.
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You do not have to remove the dash to replace the blower motor.
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^^^^^ +1

Only 3 bolts / screws to remove to get the blower box out. 2 bolts pointing up at the pass side of the trans tunnel, and one screw at the upped right of the glove box opening. Remove these, unplug the blower motor, and the blower box rocks out from under the dash.
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Just took apart mine and it wasn't that bad. I did spend several hours cleaning the thing up and using a mirror I was able to check my heater core to make sure that was still nice and clean.

P.S. Beware of that top right screw for the assembly. I gave up putting a screw there when re-attaching the assembly. Even with a magnetic screw driver I was still cussing up a storm. Thankfully my 5 year old wasn't outside then. He would have learned a whole bunch of new words.

Good luck.
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