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blow off valve ?
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hi guys i was wondering if there is any info on blow off valves as in witch are better for an 88 TC and price ranges. thanks

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I would say first, try the search option for "BOV" and "BPV" and see what you can find. Check here and at

On a more specific note, the BOV's BPV's best suited for our engines are the ones that can handle 15+ psi. The high pressure Bosch ones should be okay. The DSM Gen. 1 valves will work nicely ( I am going with this type, and can help you out with a simple mod to get it to hold more boost ).
The Denso valve that came sotck on the Probe's could work well. Most, if not all of these, will work best with a front-mount intercooler, but if you're thinking about getting a good BPV/BOV, you should probably already be looking for a better IC...

The lower pressure Bosch unit can be found on most junkyard Saabs, you might even find a worthwile valve on some turbo Volvo's...

The DSM Gen 1 can be found on early turbo Eclipse's and Talon's...

The Probe, on turbo Ford Probe's...

You should be able to find more info. simply by searching on the two boards, but if for some reason you come up short, le me know, and I'll be happy to help if I can...

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Thanx for lettin' me share.

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i have been looking into buying a HKS SSQV blow off valve i have been told that this is the only valve that will proporly work for a TC becase it is a pull time any coments?

thanks for the help on finding info.

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Do a search for "bailey" on Search the general techboard, off-topic, and archives (you'll see the drop-down menu on what forums to search). Good info on BOVs that work well on air-metered cars.

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I use the first gen DSM valve, mounted on the stock IC. It works very well.

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