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Blew another fuse today. (long)
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Well, the other day I fixed the problem with my: clock, radio, power mirrors, interior lights, and the safety lock mechanism (or whatever it is that makes the doors lock when you come out of reverse). Anyway, the climate control has been flashing every once in awhile since I bought it, and I saw a post today on someone else having the same problem on TF. Someone directed this member to a page over here on NATO that told how to read codes through your ECC system. I tried to use this method, however, blew the fuse again. Does this necessarily mean I have a wiring problem or a short? I'm going to run codes tomorrow if I have time. If not, I'm going to do it by this weekend. As for now, I'm going to put another damn fuse in it. I was just wondering if anyone else had this same problem before, or maybe somewhat similar. Just looking for ideas on what to check for other than running codes. (Sorry it's so long!) Thanks for any help!


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This is how you retrieve codes from the EATC to deterine the problem. This is from another post, answer by KellyB

"Found following info on this:Blinking of the VFD (temp display) or LEDs on control buttons is an indication that the control head has detected a fault. You can test for the fault by simultaneously pushing the OFF/AUTO and DEFROST button, and then within 2 seconds pushing the AC button. An error code will be displayed on the VFDs. 88 or 09 indicates no fault found. If you get any other number post it here and someone can decode it from the manual (section 36-75-43)You can do this at anytime but ambient temp should be greater
then 50 F "
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