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Black and pink wire
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I am trying tonfigure out what the Black and pink wire with a clip is on on the steering column. Rather mixed in with steering column wires
Thanks in advance.
Just bought this 88 turbo coupe 5 speed and fuel pump not coming on.

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I just removed mine cuz it broke. It should be the wire for the key in door open chime.

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Many possibilities for fuel pump not coming on..... Failed pump, open or failed inertia switch, failed pump relay in the IRCM, wiring issue (open circuit) in fuel pump circuit which starts at the battery, goes to IRCM to inertia switch to pump, and pump to ground. Also PCM may not be energizing the pump due to failed PIP (stator) in the distributor.

To test pump run a long wire (at least 12 AWG) from batt + terminal to trunk. Remove trunk panel that covers the tail lights to expose inertia switch, Take wire from batt+ and touch it to each terminal on inertia switch. Pump should run with either terminal powered up. If it doesnt run, check pump ground wire (orange wire in trunk). If ground wire is intact either pump is bad or possibly poor connections at pump flange (must drop the tank to check that).

If pump runs with only one wire at inertia switch powered either inertia switch is bad or switch has been tripped. Press button on inertia switch to reset it and repeat test.

If pump runs when powered at inertia switch, problem is further upstream. Locate EEC TEST connector near the ABS master cyl. With key in RUN jump the BROWN wire in connector to ground. You should hear a relay CLICK in the IRCM and pump should run. If pump runs, the PCM is not telling the pump to run. Most likely cause is failed PIP in distributor. Failed PIP will also cause a no spark issue.

Let me know what happens and I will talk you thru more tests.
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