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Bird WAS ready to go. Long....
I finnaly got my bird to a driveable on sat. have everything except the rear interor in, got my last peices back from the paint shop, and put in alum radiator, single fan, new belts hoses, water pump, timing belt and all tentioner pullies. ran it for 30 min. to see how it all worked and it seemed perfect. THEN i hear a horriable sound like a bad bearing,or a belt squeling then the motor started idoling funny and died, i checked all the belts and the timing belt was loose, pulled the cover and the tentioner pulley had come apart the front half came off the bearing. Question is can the belt be too tight i used a 2 foot prybar th get it nice and tight. what do you think could have caused this.

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sounds like you overtightend the tensioner. If you have the stock one you just let the spring presure tighten the belt. then you just tighten the bolts down. Hope this is it atleast.
Good luck

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has run a best of 14.71 at 92mph on drag radials. New times with GN intercooler, LA3, brown tops!!!! 14.9 at 96mph on my street tires.
New times with head ,e6 and ported intake, 100 race fuel, and 28psi 13.83 at 103mph!
My vehicle
1983 Turbo Coupe-
13.83 at 103mph!
273rwhp and 342ftlb at 24 psi with a slipping clutch!
And it still feels slow!

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