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I was rearended yesterday and the impact caused the right rear quarter to buckle, as well as the bumper being out of whack a bit. I am fine. Nobody got hurt. The body shop guy says that there is a good chance the insurance company is going to right it off, due to the age of the car. That's all I need right now. Its pretty slim pickins up here for another TC, so I don't know what I will do if the car is written off. The motor is coming out for sure. If I don't find another TC for a reasonable price, I will just drop the motor in a Mustang. Oh well, we'll just have to wait and see.

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Sorry to hear that man, losing a bird always sucks. Good luck!
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Sucks you're not closer, I have an 87 Turbocoupe shell Im about to get rid of.
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I'm glad you're OK Frank. Is the car really that bad? The insurance co. is gonna write of anything with repairs more than the book value of the car. Book value of an 87 t-bird can't be more than $1000 or so. If the car can be fixed I'd fix it. Like you said we're getting kinda scarce up here. If the car is totalled I hope you get another TC. I've seen a few in the auto trader. Usually over priced. I know a guy in Kitchener who had a 87 for sale. It was all there but getting a little rusty, been sitting outside a while. He offered it to me a month or so ago. I think he wanted 1200ish.
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Dont know where you are but here in PA if they total it you can buy it back cheap.
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Frank, Glad to hear you are OK. Really hurts to hear about the car. Hope it can be worked out.
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Quote:Originally posted by ERIC J snowbird:
If the car can be fixed I'd fix it.
Its one of those hits that throw the whole rear end out of whack. The trunk lid doesn't sit right anymore. The track where the lid seal fits into is distorted. The right tail light is sticking up and out a bit. There is a nice buckle in the quarter that would mean a whole new panel. It just wouldn't be square any more. I am sure if someone made a career out of hammering and massaging the sheet metal back into place it could be done. But that's not for me. I hate body work. But thanks guys for the support, and I will try to keep up the faith. And to think, that I just sent in my NATO renewal. LOL

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I've sent a few TC's to Canada and I've got a few to get rid of.

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Over on the other side of Lake ontario TC's are still around. Check the swap sheets if you are going to get another . There is one 88 TC down the street from work that i have been watching for 2 years. I already bought the guys parts car, so i know he will not be likely to run the nice driver he has. ( the kid is only 17 or so)
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just cause you cant have a bird for awile dont mean you still cant be a member... if you do a mustang motor swap, its still the engine from a TC.. and im sure you tc will be in your mind when you hit the boost. THat way your tc wouldnt have given its life for nothing.. and can live on in the memories of fellow nato members in your mustang
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