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BIRD IS DOWN!!! owner needs NATO back up! part 2
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ok i went to the jy and grabbed a "J" from an 87 it looked a lot newer and the label said it was from 2004. i plugged it in and still the same thing happened, no change is it more then that box maybe? any new posters look at the first post to see my symptoms.. and thank you guys for the help.
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All IRCMs with the "J" are the same. The big difference between different IRCMs is in the fan control and AC clutch circuits (some have turn on delays between AC clutch engage and fan turn on and AC clutch disengage and fan turn off' some dont. A "J" box with a 04 manufacturing date isnt unusual,as the "J" was used on many different cars mid 80s thru mid 90s, and is still manufacturered by Ford suppliers.

The problem is obviously NOT with the IRCM, since you tried a few apparently good ones. You are going to have to do some serious electrical troubleshooting. Grab your EVTM (you have one, dont you?) and trace out all input circuits and output circuts to the IRCM to see if they are doing what they are supposed to so. Is the PCM being powered up? FUel pump being powered up? If so, the car should start and run, as the TFI / ignition power comes from the ig sw and not the IRCM. Use a test light to verify PCM power up at IRCM as well as fuel pump power up at IRCM with key in start and run,as a start.

Might also want to check IRCM 30 pin connector for corrosion, damaged / pushed out pins, etc.
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IIRC, my 93 Mustang LX 2.3 DD has a "J" box. I had an intermittent fuel pump relay (had to whack it with a screwdriver when it wouldn't work...)and got one from the JY and all better now.

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