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Bellhousing Bolt
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so i'm taking the engine out, get all the bolts out except this one, the one that holds the top of the starter and block to the bellhousing.. wouldn't come out.. pb blaster.. long pipes for leverage.. nothing worked.. so we FINALLY broke it loose by putting a rope around the wrench and yanking it through the wheel well.. so i get this bolt 'bout half way out, and it snaps in half, leaving half in the bellhousing (bout a 1/4 inch sticking out..) and i notice it looks like someone picked it up off the beach and put it in there.. think this could be tapped out? the bellhousing is aluminum right? any suggestions at all? thanks for you time

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The same thing happened to me, but it was all3 starter bolts that broke so i just dropped the trans and heated each bolt for like 5-10 mins. then poured cold water on it real quick and was lucky enough to vice grip all three at a time of course,but none the less it did suck. Good luck.

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Heat and remove with vice grips is what I would do also.Hope This Helps oldturboman

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