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Battery Mount Survey
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Looking through all the pictures in the showroom it appears that a lot of cars no longer have the original battery mounting hardware.

What's everyone using as a replacment?

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my battery just lays there , its the oversized battery for a econline luxaury van, has liek 900 cold cranking amps so it aint moving no where

Brian Larkin
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Brian J Larkin
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I use an 18" Rubber Tarp Strap with a knot in the middle to shorten it just enough to keep proper tension on the battery to keep it in place while cornering.

Jim Portteus
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Jim Portteus

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I also use a huge battery. Its from the ford super duty trucks of some vintage (don't know exactly). 1080 cca and 1300 at 32f. And no, it NEVER moves. My stock holder broke when I replaced the battery several years ago.

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I still use the stock hold down. I would never go without one, especially if you have no hood liner. If you hit a big pothole, that thig *will* move no matter how heavy you think it is and will short on the hood. I have seen a car catch on fire because of this, so I also have battery terminal covers on my huge battery. This is just my opinion though.

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I am running the same size battery as stock and I am using the stock hold down hardware.
It seems to get the job done.
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