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Banks 6 gun!!! Holy crap!!!!!
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first let me say holy crap!!!!! I was watching the spike tv channel and for 2 consecutive days they repeated the same episode on the tv show..."TRUCKS". Anyways...... The host "Stacey" had took a new Ford F-250 and added 150 HP, and 220lbs of torque from just this unit, and it's little helper that's also available as an add on for it. (without the helper... or second piece, you will have 30 less HP and i forget how much less torque). I think this is crazy, then they redid the factory intercooler for the turbo by swapping it to a Banks intercooler. They swapped out the factory intake and replaced with a cold air intake. Also did an exhaust system on it. They installed the o2 sensor in the manifold instead of downpipe... Stacey said that it is more accurate this way, but you have to be sure to thoroughly clean it.. as to your metal shavings from the drilling could fry your turbo..... Good point! Any way it has a 6 point turn dial. The first one gave him a minimal differance, the second point you could feel it starting to be rcognized, the third point he had noticeable difference. When he put it in the fourth point, it really started to scoot/haul. While in the fifth point, he has it white smoking like you would never imagine and it was a fast ...especially for a desiel truck. But when in sixth, HOLY SHIZZLE!!!!! That truck looked like a muscle car.... it was fishtailing/white smoking/and hauled like a mother f*cker!! All i have to say is where is our 6 gun system???? I want one for my 88 TC!!! Oh yeah.. the way it works is.... It controls fuel on three parts(or on whole side of the six gun), and the other half controls transmission, driveshaft! What a genius thing to least i think so!

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Yea I saw that episode. Diesels can put INSANE amounts of torque down!
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I wonder if the EEC programers would allow you to do the same thing, have a different program for gas efficient city and highway driving, and a different program for performance, and be able to load them with a laptop to the processor while driving?
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I have a video of an F-350 4X4 Turbo Diesel at the Las Vegas dragstrip running an 11.42 quarter mile time.
It is a site to see. [Image: eek.gif]
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That 4x4 actually has a cummins in it though.

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Gas engine rules and Diesel engine rules are very different.

A diesel engine unlike a gas engine, will keep making more more with more fuel being added until it gets too hot and melts things. Gas engines at some point will start making less power if you keep increasing fuel.

On the other hand you can't hurt a diesel from running it too lean. Don't even try that with a gas engine.

If you think a turbo 4 is fun, just try a diesel. Warning! They are addictive like a drug.

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Quote:Originally posted by 5.0_CJ:
That 4x4 actually has a cummins in it though.

Fast is fast..... and that is FAST! I don't care if it has a Briggs and Stratton in it.

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