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Banging my head against a wall !!!!
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1988 tc with new rebuilt engine.
I had a problem with a t3 on the stinger center mount manifold and stinger return line. Brand new turbo blew smoke like a diesel. Tonight I was fed up with it and returned everything back to stock. Drove it down the road and all of a sudden couldnt see behind me, it is leaking between the exhaust elbow and the turbo. I am completely stumped here. Is it possible that the feed line has too much pressure? The IHI that is on it sat for 3 years in the driveway of the first owner, ran great till I burnt a piston. Any ideas? I miss driving the turbo coupe.

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Oil return line must not have any kinks, and must always curve downward, and not have any bends that look like the trap under a sink. I doubt that oil pressure is too high.
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So, is it still smoking like it was with all the Stinger accessories? If so, then I'd tend to think that the T3 is suspect. If you are sure the turbo is good, then check to make sure nothing clogged the oil return line at the block. Are you using a larger oil feed line, or larger fitting on the T3 than what the IHI has? If so, then you may need to restrict the oil pressure at the turbo.


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I am using the IHI, factory return line, 3/16 brake line for oil feed. No clogs in the return and no kinks.

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I assume you mean there's smoke out the tailpipe and not from under the hood too. But your description of the leak location implies on the outside.

What brand was your new turbo?
I'm wondeirng if the seals on the IHI are bad from sitting 3 years. Could be both turbo's have bad oil seals. Are you using the stock oil feed block on the head? Do you have access to a known good turbo?
Sold it Sad*

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It seeps a little when it isnt running. The IHI seals puzzle me because it worked fine to the point where I pulled the engine. I don't have access to a known good turbo, the t3 I took off blew smoke out of the exhaust. The turbo I just took off is a factory T3 that has a new center section. And I am using the factory feed block.

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