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bad starter?
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ok i decided to drive my tc up to the mountaind the other day to go snowboarding, and when i was backing out of the parking spot to leave i got a little stuck. so i get out to dig out behind the tires, and as i take my foot of the clutch the car dies, i forgot to take it out of reverse, opps hehe ok so i goto start it back up and nothing, CLick, click, so i pop the hood and jumper the terminals on the starting cylonoid and nothing "click sparks screwdriver welding to teminals" i do this a coulple more times,click click and i look down at the ground wire coming from the starter where it runs along the front of the k-member and it moves when ever it i jumper the teminals. this sound like a starter?? or wireing???? thanks

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Tighten that ground wire and see what it does.
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Electrons moving through the wire don't normally cause thewire to move.. Make sure it isn't broken or corroded
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tighten the starter bolts
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