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Bad Salvage Yard(s)
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I received an email response stating that they had the bumper cover I was looking for and that shipping would be free. After exhausting all local options I call them the week of July 16. After multiple telephone calls I purchased a front bumper cover from We-Rek Inc which also goes by the name of Marlboro Auto Parts (and possibly others) in Maryland. During these calls I was informed the shipping would not be free as originally advertised because the UPS guy would not take a package that big, and I reluctantly agreed to pay for shipping. I was assured the bumper cover was in great shape with no damage and was "ready to paint" and met the specifications I had given both in my email request and during the course of the telephone conversations.

When it arrived (by UPS!) both corners had multiple gashes in them, the lower right front corner had 6 scalloped spots on the corner, the left side had a sizeable dent in it, plus several other scratches. All damage was from while it was on the vehicle, not due to shipping. Needless to say, it was not usable at all and in worse shape than the bumper cover it was supposed to replace. I faxed them that Friday evening describing the damage and my expectations for a full refund. Ronnie called me Tuesday of the following week and told me he never actually saw it because it came from one of their other yards. He also said he would take it back and give a full refund. Guess what, 5 weeks later and it is still sitting in my driveway waiting to be picked up. I wrote my credit card company and they have reversed the charges so I am not out any money, but these people can not be trusted and I would advise against buying anything from them.
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